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MADCAPS is an LGBT+ Comedic Web Series with a lot of Heart.

Post-breakup highs and lows. Two fabulous clowns find themselves, and each other, after being dumped.

Brandon and Jenn are a mess after getting broken up with. As we enter into their world of early 2000s memorabilia and bright colors, they call each other for support. Brandon ends up moving into Jenn’s room at her apartment in Los Angeles so that they can at least grieve with each other (and Jenn’s cat).

Exclusively available on Instagram.

Tune in every Friday starting June 11th!


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Created by Jenn O'Brien & Brandon English

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The industry of storytelling is ever changing, and we want to have our voices not only heard, but understood through comedy.Often times in comedy, Women and Asian-Americans are seen as one-dimensional caricatures, and our series displays characters that are fully realized and relatable. Although the characters are queer and pretty outrageous, we believe that folks can relate to the universal message of the power of friendship.  We hope to make people laugh, to help people heal from past heart breaks, and to empower our audience to feel confident in their own skin.

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